Insured and Guaranteed
We insure all our buyers who in any sense inbark in doing good business with us such as: If payment is done for a delivery, terms and conditions are broken, we refund the full amount of the Metric Tones. More to that, whatever happens to goods as well too. In
nodshell, Our Buyers  have never been in any such case.
Excellence and Professionalism 
We had won conservatively 6 times yearly copper award domesticly. We are also among the Top Copper manufacturers in Thailand, with an Increase rate of calling immigrants of the Country through the form of smooth invitation of buyer Worldwide.Our objective is to meet the full demands of buyer's taste and quality in which we do have serious reference to follow up.Contact on issues of invitations, board meetings with buyers case, and more direct relationship between CEO, staffs and employees.
Personalized Approach
We are manufacturers of copper for over 12 years, we build a strong biding relationship with our buyers through our company CEO who's endeavour has help the growth of Cosco Yu Metal,.Ltd. So we hereby encourage you our buyers to meet your goals. We also have more than 500 employees which makes it easier to personalize them to buyers whom service is due. We urge you to come and witness our great services, hence for continuity of good business relationship.